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Peptide bioregulators
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The laboratories of this Department are engaged in the study of peptidergic prophylaxis and treatment of different diseases of the human retina (diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, degenerative and inflammatory lesions of the retina); morphogenesis and new methods of diagnosis and treatment of age-related tumors in the urogenital system; prophylactic methods involving peptide bioregulators for the correction of pathologies, for the improvement of intellectual and physical working capacity in persons from different age groups working under adverse conditions. The methods of complex treatment for cardiology patients of older age groups such as angiography and interventional arterioplastics, as well as non-invasive methods of cardio- and angioplastics are also designed and improved by the research team of this Department. The study of demographic aspects of population ageing is a separate direction of studies in this Department.

Department of clinical gerontology and geriatrics

Main research activities of this Department are focused on studying the pathogenesis, as well as the optimization of diagnostics and therapy of age-related diseases.
Laboratory of Age-Related Clinical Pathology
(Head – Prof. G.A. Ryzhak, M.D., Ph.D.)

Laboratory of Demography of Ageing
(Head – Dr. G.L. Safarova, Ph.D.)

Laboratory of Preventive Medicine
(Head –)
Head of the Department – Prof. K.L. Kozlov, M.D.,Ph.D.