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Peptide bioregulators
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Laboratories within the Department are engaged in the study of molecular mechanisms underlying interaction between peptides and nucleic acids, as well as of geroprotective activities of peptides, genetic mechanisms of peptide bioregulators’ neuroprotective effect; mechanisms of peptides’ involvement in the enhancement of adaptive capacities in ageing.

The research team of the Department performs the comparative analysis of the effects of certain amino acids and small peptides on organotrophic cell cultures, of the effects of peptide bioregulators on psychoemotional status of old and very old persons. The role of peptides and melatonin in the mechanisms of ageing and carcinogenesis is continuously under study.

Department of biogerontology

Main research efforts of the Department are concentrated on the study of mechanisms of peptidergic regulation of homeostasis in the course of organism ageing.
Laboratory of Oncogerontology
(Head – Prof. V.N. Anisimov, M.D., Ph.D.)

Laboratory of Pharmacology of Peptides
(Head – Dr. I.G. Popovich, Ph.D.)

Laboratory of Biogerontology
(Head – Prof. T.V. Kvetnaya, Ph.D.)
Head of the Department – Prof. V.Kh. Khavinson, M.D.,Ph.D., Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences